Often the cause of elevator damage, malfunction, passenger discomfort or unpleasant accidents is its improper use.

The elevator, like any passenger vehicle, has simple rules of use, that we must follow for our own safety!

Let’s look again, do we follow the rules or not ?!

  • Press the call button and wait for the elevator to stop on the floor and the door to fully open.
  • Give way to passengers coming out of the elevator
  • Before entering, make sure that the elevator cab is on the floor, pay attention to the threshold, as you may be affected in case of a barrier.
  • Keep the child away from the door when entering the elevator
  • Children under 12 years old are allowed to enter the elevator only accompanied by an adult.
  • Adult enters first and then the child
  • Hold a pet in your hand as you enter the elevator, or carry it on a short rope.
  • Press the desired button and the “close” button.


  • Stop the door movement by force
  • Jumping during cab movement
  • Open and exit the elevator door arbitrarily (press the alarm button, or call the hotline and wait for help)
  • Smoking
  • Travel by elevator in case of smoke or odor
  • Use the elevator in case of fire and earthquake.
  • Transportation of construction materials by passenger elevator
  • Carrying more passengers or cargo than the permissible weight

If you consider all the above points, then …

Forget the stairs, move safely!